Anti-Ligature Systems

Marbast Anti Ligature Systems are designed to contribute to the aim of reducing the risk of attempted suicide from hospital bed cubicle and shower tracks, window curtain track, vertical and roller blinds in accordance with NHS Estates Alert NHSE (2004) 10.

The basic rail is an aluminium extrusion of the section shown above, with a flexible PVC capping to prevent collection of dust. It is manufactured in straight lengths of up to 7m long. A variety of factory formed radius bends are available. The aluminium extrusion is to BS EN 755 PART 9, specification BS EN 573.

Special Magnetic brackets are used for securing the end of the track where it meets the wall. They are suitable to work both at right-angles, and where the track meets the wall at an angle, for instance where the track must be cranked to avoid a window. Rail connectors are not used in Anti-Ligature instalations to join one cubicle to the next, in order to give independence of movement in the event of a Fall.

A system of vertical support units is used where the corners of the track are to be suspended from the ceiling. The track is suspended through the ceiling tiles (If fitted) into a 9mm plywood pattress. In this instance additional support wires are fitted by the ceiling contractor. If the ceiling is a solid, plaster-type, then the support is fixed directly to the plaster with an appropriate fixing.

The combined runners and hooks are in injection molded nylon. They fit onto the outside of the track as illustrated. Ten runners are supplied to each metre of track.

Marbast® Anti Ligature Systems should never be regarded as a complete solution to attempted self-harm. No part of a Marbast® installation should be able to withstand an unauthorised vertical load of more than 40kg with most readings being within the region of 15 – 30kg depending on the configuration and positioning of brackets. The minimum figure should be around 12kg but if less then please contact the manufacturer for advice.

Marbast® Anti Ligature Systems require virtually no maintenance in normal use however a periodic visual inspection of fittings to identify any possible damage or tampering with fittings is advisable. Where Marlux® Fast-fit Disposable Curtains are in use this can easily be incorporated into the quarterly track maintenance programme (where applicable).

Articles suspended using Marbast® Anti Ligature Systems will come down when the authorised load has been exceeded and it is therefore inevitable that when operated the system could cause or suffer damage. It is essential that other medical equipment, lockers, shelving or other obstacles must not prevent collapse when activated.

All Marbast® Fast-Fit Cubicle Track System installations carried out by Marbast Limited are guaranteed for 10 years.

Marbast® Anti-Ligature Component Guide

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MAL/C Magnetic Anti-Ligature Screw Cover

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